Customizing one of our plans is no problem. Perhaps you’d like to change the foundation type, increase the square footage or juggle room sizes. Whatever the case, these types of changes are generally quick and easy.  We’d be pleased to provide an estimate for the changes you request and the time required to make the changes, then prepare preliminary drawings and revise working drawings. We require (1/2 the purchase price of the full set of drawings) before we begin customizing your plan.

The preliminary drawing stage of customization begins with changes to the elevations and floor plans. Upon your approval of the preliminary drawings we then make the final changes to the foundation plan, floor framing and building sections. You will receive 6 sets of the drawings and at this time be charged for the other half of the listed price of your plans and our customization hours.

We’re also open to all your questions, anytime. So, while you browse, contact us with any questions or comments you may have or simply start shopping.

Our plans meet the National, Manitoba and Saskatchewan building code requirements.