The finishing touches are the fun part of most build and reno projects. Learn about the options for interior doors, casing and baseboard from an Olympic Coach as well as what’s trending. Olympic Coach, Jeff Gostick talks about interior finishing projects on the Marc & Mandy show. View the segment below:

Exterior finishing products have come a long way. Jeff’s segment on the Marc & Mandy show is about choices to improve your home’s curb appeal. Watch the segment below:

Vinyl Siding

Kaycan is one of our suppliers of vinyl siding, trims and aluminum building products. Kaycan also carries full lines of vinyl & aluminum soffits, trims, design accessories, shutters and much more.

Recently featured in their newsletter were these helpful tips:

4 Articles worthy of your attention:

  1. How to Choose Durable Building Products That Protect Against Mother Nature
  2. Top 5 DIY Vinyl Siding Tips and Tricks
  3. Your Vinyl Siding Needs Vinyl Shutters!
  4. Three Rules of Thumb for Installing Vinyl Siding

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