Did you know Olympic Building Centre is a proud supplier to many of the professional home builders in Manitoba?  From the largest home builders in Manitoba to the custom home builder they trust Olympic Building Centre to provide them with expert advice, quality products and a delivery service that is second to none.

If you are thinking of building a home or cottage come see one of our Olympic Coaches.   Bring us your dream. We can look after getting your plans drawn and provide all the materials you’ll need…with Olympic you will Build with Confidence.

Need Plans?

Plans, plans and more plans! Are you considering building your new home or cottage and all you need are the plans? We have a library full of plans ready for you. We have stock plans, ready to move home plans and a cottage plan series to choose from. Start by clicking on your desired square footage and click on a design. Each feature sheet shows the elevation and floor plan. We understand not every floor plan works for everyone so making changes to any plan in our library is possible.

Modifying a Plan

Juggling room sizes, increasing or decreasing square footage or changing foundation types are just some of the common customization requests. No matter the type of modifications you’d like we can definitely accommodate your needs.

We partner with All-Fab Building Component’s Drafting Department for all our drafting. The preliminary drawing stage of customization begins with changes to the elevations and floor plans. Upon approval the final changes to the foundation plan, floor framing and building sections can be made. Preliminary and full sets of plans are available. Preliminary sets include four (4) elevations and one (1) floor plan. A full set includes four (4) exterior elevations, foundation plan, main floor plan, second floor or loft plan (if applicable), floor framing plans, building section(s), building details and notes. All plans meet the National Building Code.

For more information or questions contact All-Fab Drafting or visit www.all-fab.com/all-fab-products/drafting.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Stock Plans

Do your house plans include metric or imperial measurements?

All stock plans are created using imperial measurements. Metric plans are available upon request. Plans using metric measurements can be created at $65.00 per hour, at a minimum of 1 hour.

Are you licensed architects?

No, we are drafting technicians.

How long does it take to produce drawings?

All stock plans can be produced and sent to you within 48 hours. Plans which require modifications do take longer to produce and is entirely dependent on the extent of the modifications.

Can you make arrangements for an engineer to stamp my drawings?

If your home is being built in Manitoba or Eastern Saskatchewan we can make these arrangements.

Can I make changes to a floor plan?

Yes. Our drafting services are charged out at $65.00 per hour, at a minimum of 1 hour.

What’s included in the square footage calculation?

Square footage calculation is based on outside perimeter dimensions of the main floor and second floor if applicable.

Can modifications to a plan be extensive?

Modifications can be extensive but may be charged at custom plan rates.

Custom Plans

How long does it take to produce drawings?

We require a minimum of 2 weeks to product custom plans.

What scale do you use for drawings?

Depending on the size of the house, we like to use 3/16″ scale. All plan pages are noted with the scale.

Can you redraw a plan I found in a home design book?

The short answer is yes. In order to comply with building codes, not all plans may look exactly like what you found and may have to be altered.

Can I submit a sketched floor plan?

Yes. The more information you provide, the better.

Can you make arrangements for an engineer to stamp my drawings?

If your home is being built in Manitoba we can make these arrangements.

Can I request changes at any time during the process?

Yes you can, however a minimum charge of $65.00 per hour will apply, in addition to your initial drafting charge.