Personally, as a consumer speaking in this case- the competitive advantage I experienced dealing with Olympic on this small personal project was the “helpful expertise”. I must admit, at first I was just going to run down to the big box store in an evening and grab everything I needed. But then I got to thinking “why am I wasting my time and energy doing it that way”. I’d have to somehow plan it all out, do a material takeoff, cart everything home in several loads etc. And then probably have to go back several times because my takeoff was wrong! Instead, I emailed Jeff with a concept picture of what I wanted to do. He emailed back and forth with me, helped me plan it out, gave me many helpful tips, and even did a little sketch-up drawing for me! This is where the big box cannot compete. I suspect for most people, a DIY project is overwhelming, and this certainly makes all the difference. All I had to do was bring him my idea and he took care of the rest. To tell you the truth, I would have even paid an extra fee for this had he asked.

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