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Building a deck can be a rewarding experience and a feeling of pride once completed is a great feel-good moment. For many, the thought of tackling a deck project is a daunting experience. Relax, it doesn’t have to be. With the help from an Olympic Coach, your deck project will be off to a great start.


Check with your local municipality for local building codes. In Winnipeg you can check out the following links:

  1. Zoning & Construction Requirements for open non-sheltered wood decks for residential dwellings
  2. Link to City of Winnipeg permit application

But you’ll need a plan to identify where your deck will be situated taking into consideration your lot size and dimensions as well as where it will be in relation to your house.

Did you know? If you have a basic sketch and some dimensions, Olympic can provide a complete plan to build your deck. Click on the ‘Construction Plan’ for details.

Construction Plan

  • Overall size of the deck
  • Size and spacing of beams, post and deck joists

Decide what materials you’ll need to build your deck, composite vs. wood. Composite decks may seem expensive but are they? Many composite deck material manufacturers have products that can last upward of 25 years or more. Your wood deck, depending on the elements and maintenance, could need replacing within 15 years. Before choosing a material, considering the following:

Composite vs. Wood:

  • LOW MAINTENANCE No need for staining, or repairs–
just periodic cleanings with deck wash
  • CARPE DIEM OUTDOOR LIVING No weekends spent
 maintaining, power washing, sanding or fixing
  • CURB APPEAL composite decks return around 66% on investment* 
and instantly add property value
  • PEACE OF MIND Industry leading warranties mean no warping, rotting, splitting, mold or insect damage
  • EARTH FRIENDLY Almost entirely green products

Other things to consider:

  • Type of foundation
  • Height of the deck and the type of railing to be used

Tips & FAQs

Need inspiration? Check out the TimberTech Deck Designer

Click this link to watch ‘How to install groundscrews’ (opens Youtube)

AND REMEMBER!!!  Always call before you dig.  In Manitoba, you’ll need to call: Hydro, Bell MTS and Shaw.

If you’re considering things like hot tubs, pergolas or a future enclosure remember to let us know that.

Olympic Building Centre has easy payment options for your deck with competitive interest rates and no administration fees or pre-payment penalties.

Click on a question below to reveal its answer:

Should I use screws or nails for hanging joist hangers?

We highly recommend that you use nails when installing joist hangers as they have higher sheer strength than screws.

What do I need for a deck permit?

Among the many things you will need for a deck permit is a plan.  At Olympic Building Centre our plans will cover off many of the requirements for a permit application. To be sure you should check your local municipality for permit requirements in the City of Winnipeg you can go here:

What should my joist spacing be on composite or PVC decking?

Standard layout  is 16” on centre.
Diagonal Layout is 12” on centre.

How high does my railing need to be?

If your deck is higher than 2 ft and less than 4 ft off the ground – your railing height will need to be 36″ or 3 ft high.

If your deck is greater than 4 ft off the ground – your railing height will need to be 42″ tall.

What spacing should I use for my railing spindles?

No greater than 3 ½” on centre

Do I need to dig piles for my deck?

Yes, in Manitoba you should be using piles that are a minimum of 8 ft. deep.  How many and the placement of them will depend on your plan.


You will need the following tools to tackle a deck project:

  • 2-4 ft. level
  • Hammer(s)
  • Gloves
  • Tape Measure
  • Square
  • Saws (Circular and/or Mitre Saw)
  • Plumb bob
  • Chalk line
  • Shovel
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Wrenches and Socket Set
  • Drill and Drill Bits (Wood and Masonary)
  • Post Hole Digger or Auger

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